Michael Bayliss

Michael Bayliss, Director, Centre for Interfirm Comparison (CIFC)

Michael Bayliss is the Director of The Centre for Interfirm Comparison. CIFC was set up in 1959 by the British Institute of Management and the British Productivity Council.

Michael has 40 years of experience of interfirm comparison and benchmarking and has been a director the Centre since 1986. Before joining CIFC he worked as a journalist with the Financial Times and the Investors Chronicle.

He has organised a wide range of comparisons and benchmarking projects over the years. He has designed benchmarking projects for a number of Professions, including Chartered Surveyors, Accountants and Patent Attorneys, as well as running the ACE Benchmarking Project since 2005. He has also worked extensively in the UK Water, Insurance, Finance and Charity Fundraising Sectors.

On several occasions he was seconded to India to help establish benchmarking projects for the National Productivity Council and provided training for similar organisations in Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

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