CEO Conference

European CEO Conference is a unique C-level event attended by CEOs and senior business executives from across Europe. The conference combines a hard-hitting business programme with exclusive social and networking opportunities, including the European CEO Awards Gala Dinner to recognise and reward the outstanding leaders from our industry. The key aims and objectives of the event are to: - provide a European forum for discussion and debate between CEOs in the consultancy and engineering industry in the UK and continental Europe; - present a Europe-wide industry benchmarking report; - discuss the impact of the economic climate on markets and growth strategies; - offer a platform to CEOs for high level financial and strategic debate to help position and direct their corporate vision, mission and business strategy; - provide CEOs with information and tools for business and scenario planning; - provide CEOs with factual evidence to plan and manage their business portfolio, and mergers and acquisitions activity. Book your place

CEO Awards

The European CEO Awards provide recognition to exceptional leaders within the industry, identifying innovative and creative leaders who have demonstrated strong integrity and contributed to both the industry and wider society. ACE believes it is essential for these leaders to receive industry-wide recognition for their achievements as excellent ambassadors for the profession. Businesses succeed because of the collective effort of all of their employees, however, the role played by their leaders in defining and articulating the vision as well as finding and encouraging creative ways of growing, are critical factors in success. The Awards dinner will be attended by CEOs from across Europe, as well as representatives of client organisations, members of parliament and other stakeholders gathered together to applaud outstanding achievements in leadership. This C-level event is an opportunity to network with key decision makers of the industry from over 14 countries in Europe as well as attendees beyond the continent such as the United States, Japan, Australia, Nigeria, South Korea. Book a table

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